About Us


Our Health Mission

It is our desire and goal to provide a fast, thorough, and efficient evaluation for your Medicinal Cannabis application needs.


Experience and Professionalism

Doctor Snedden has practiced medicine in a hospital setting for over eighteen years. With an in-depth understanding of the many beneficial physiologic effects of Medicinal Cannabis, he is uniquely qualified to assess even the most complex medical conditions, and provide a concise and accurate evaluation for your Medicinal Cannabis recommendation.


Who is Dr. Jack Snedden III, MD?

Dr. Snedden was born and raised in Oklahoma. Attended Oklahoma State University and Colorado State University. He received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis in 1997, and graduated Family Medicine residency in Tulsa in 2001. He then became a hospitalist, and served as the director of an intensive care unit. He has been practicing as a hospitalist for over 18 years. With a solid knowledge base of the benefits and numerous uses for Medicinal Cannabis and the legalization of it's use, he is excited to assist patients to experience those benefits.